Having the necessary fire equipment in your workplace helps to protect people and businesses in the unfortunate case of a fire. Periodic inspection and maintenance of safety equipment following the relevant standards are essential. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checks are carried out to guarantee the functions of the equipment, ensuring the fire equipment is maintained properly and is in the correct condition to optimise efficiency and safety.

Trained personnel should participate in the examination of the fire fighting equipment, which is usually provided by the installer or a maintenance organisation. The apparatus can include; fire detection alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, spraying systems, automatic opening doors, portable fire extinguishers, gas and foam fire extinguishing systems, smoke control systems. There are many ways in which you can protect your employees and customers from a fire as shown above. Let’s dive into the importance of a fire risk assessment,

Maintenance Plans for Fire Safety Equipment.

When purchasing fire safety equipment we can offer a maintenance plan, this means that we will come out to your business and check over all your fire safety equipment to ensure it’s still working to it’s the best ability. This works around you and your business, you can choose to have these checks weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. We advise to have them checked as often as you possibly can, this will only ensure your fire safety equipment can work to its full potential all day, everyday day.

Services Provided

An annual service for the maintenance of the fire equipment is provided. Check the safety section and the pointing of devices to see if the fire extinguisher has been turned on or not. The instruments that indicate the pressure in the stored extinguishers are taken for Fire Risk Assessment. The body of the fire fighting equipment must be checked for corrosion, scratches, or damage. The hose, the horn, and the nozzle are also tested. The operating instructions are verified for accuracy and clarity. The gas cartridges are verified in suitable extinguishers.

A fire risk assessment is done under controlled conditions to test its efficiency at work. If they are in good condition, they’re refilled, recharged and returned to its original service. The service is extended once every five years for fire extinguishers and water based foams, and once every ten years for the first powder extinguishers. The servicing and maintenance record must be installed on fire equipment.

Good Working Conditions

The objective of a fire risk assessment is to identify those fire safety equipment that is no longer working or working to its full potential, resulting in fire equipment that is in good working order. Regular maintenance reviews with the appropriate plan are crucial. The device must be maintained to comply with the relevant standards and requirements following the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order. This guarantees the safety of individuals and companies and is responsible for the correct type of trust among the people in their environment.

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In addition to the annual service, it is also essential to maintain the fire extinguisher regularly. Recruit a technician to check the fire safety equipment frequently for scratches, Danger, rust, pressure gauge, tamper seals, weights, head cover deterioration, etc. Once the regular exam is completed, the technician must provide a detailed written report on the inspection, as well as fill out the fire registration book. In this way, you will have an overview of the status of your fire protection devices. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch today on 01604 760600.