Installation of Emergency Lighting in Northampton by Northants Fire

Often over-looked, emergency lighting in Northamptonshire and other cities in the vicinity can prove life-saving in a power failure situations arising out of fire accidents.

The emergency lighting solutions are there to light the escape routes and final means of exit in a building, and are not dependent on the main power supply. But you would also need to have a fire risk assessment in Northamptonshire before you really get started with the procurement and installation process.

We Ensure Supreme Operability of the Fire Equipment We Provide

Performing fire risk assessment in Northamptonshire is one thing we are known for, as we can help you identify the areas of concern and install emergency lighting, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers to ensure fire safety in Northamptonshire.

Whether bespoke or part of the main lighting system, these lighting products charge their batteries from the mains and can operate for a designated time period in the event of a power failure. With the requisite support of fire signs in Northamptonshire, the threat of fire is completely reduced. For this, we impart services in quality fire extinguisher and fire alarm in Northamptonshire, which completely suppress the risk emerging out of fire.

Many buildings have emergency lighting installed, but the system is not regularly maintained. Batteries and tubes do not last forever! It is an essential part of fire protection and it is also a legal requirement to ensure that it is fully operational.

To Ensure Fire Safety, We Even Provide Fire Training

Northants Fire Ltd. designs, installs and maintain emergency lighting systems in accordance with BS5266.
Not just that! Other than the fire safety products, we also provide fire training in Northamptonshire and other cities in the vicinity. This can prove really helpful as they say, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.