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Ever Wondered What The Symbols Mean On A Fire Extinguisher?

Whether at home or work, it’s crucial you have a plan in place to fight a fire. This should mean that you have a fire extinguisher in place to help support you in the event of a blaze. There are many fire extinguisher types, however. If you’re confused by fire extinguisher colours, logos and […]

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How Often Does Emergency Lighting Need to be Tested?

There are many things in life that we create but hope we never have to use. Nuclear bombs, lifeboats or Marmite all fit into that box. Emergency lighting is also one of those things. We need lighting of course, but we don’t want any kind of emergency. That generally means something has gone wrong. So whilst it’s not always prevalent, it absolutely needs to work when the time comes.


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Why Every Business Should Have a Fire Risk Assessment

Why Fire Risk Assessments Are So Important
Fires are something that no one should take lightly. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die or get burns because of fire hazards. Therefore, all businesses should focus regularly on how they approach fire safety. Have you undertaken a fire risk assessment for your business? A commercial fire […]

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Why Should I Have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm & a Fire Alarm?

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide & Fire Alarms
We all know how dangerous fire can be. The results of fire and smoke damage are always devastating; at times so much that you may lose everything you ever loved and worked hard for in just a matter of minutes. But it does not have to be that way. You can make use of fire detectors and alarms to avoid the awful effects of fire damage. 


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Fire Safety Measures for the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Fire Safety
Christmas is just around the corner, and as it draws closer, millions of households will be decorating their homes ready for the festive season. The old Christmas decorations are pulled down from the loft and put up once again. As the Christmas tree goes up and the garlands are land upon the mantelpiece, not many of us think of the health and safety risks you may be taking. Using old Christmas decorations can be dangerous if you don’t take the right safety measures and fire risk assessments first. 


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Fire Extinguishers and When They Should be Used

A fire extinguisher can be considered the first automatic portable fire fighting tool. Most of us know about the existence of fire extinguishers, but only 20% know how to use them properly.
What are the most common types of fire extinguishers?
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
This type of fire extinguisher is designed to extinguish the fire caused […]

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The Importance of Fire Safety Signage in a Commercial Building

If you have the responsibility of taking care of any commercial building, then you must understand the need for fire safety signs. We may already be familiar with the fire exit sign, however, there are numerous other signs that the law demands be displayed appropriately. The importance of fire signs cannot be underestimated. It helps people to escape during an emergency incident. The signs also keep indicating the directions to take until you are in safety.


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How do Smoke Detectors Work?

There’s no place like home. We do our best to protect our properties from burglaries, but do you protect your home from the risk of a fire? Do you have the appropriate safety gear and knowledge to protect both your home and family? 

With technology advancing every day, fire safety equipment has never been easier […]

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7 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Learning fire safety is an invaluable process that everyone needs to know, be it in the office or at home. It is especially critical that you learn as much as you can about fire risk assessment and training in areas prone to fires. These tips can save your belongings, prevent a fire, and, most […]

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Fire Training: Why it’s Important

Have you ever experienced a fire in your place of work? Which steps did everyone take instantly? Was the incident confusing and was everyone trained to handle the fire emergency? Well, whether the fire got put out or not, the main concern is always the safety of people. Fire training is a prime concern for any type of business or individual to ensure safety for everyone in such emergencies.


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Importance of Fire Risk Assessment

Having the necessary fire equipment in your workplace helps to protect people and businesses in the unfortunate case of a fire. Periodic inspection and maintenance of safety equipment following the relevant standards are essential. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checks are carried out to guarantee the functions of the equipment, ensuring the fire equipment is maintained properly and is in the correct condition to optimise efficiency and safety.


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Things You Should Never Do When Evacuating From Fire.

Every household is at the risk of the unfortunate event of a fire. Hopefully, this will never happen to you and your family, but if it was to happen, it’s important to make sure you are ready for a calm, safe evacuation. Every household should have working fire alarms installed, they save lives every day. Between the years of 2007 and 2011, 37% of fire deaths occurred in homes without smoke detectors. That’s 4 out of 10 people! Why take the risk? In this blog, we will be explaining the Dos and Dont’s of a fire evacuation.


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What is the Best Car Fire Extinguisher?

What if the unimaginable were to happen, would you be prepared? Having a car fire extinguisher ready at hand could be the difference between a happy ending and well, a not so happy ending. But which one should I have in my car? Good question, in this blog we will be discussing and informing you of which fire extinguisher is best for your car.


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10 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Fire Alarm System Installed

Fire alarm systems are among the best solutions for protecting yourself and your family against unwanted hazards or accidents. There are plenty of reasons why we recommend installing such a device in your home, but the most important ten are listed below:


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Know Your Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm detects fire and alerts people about the risk. A fire alarm system has several units for power as well as detection, and warning. The alarms are divided into two main categories namely automatic and manual. In automatic, the system itself detects the presence of fire and starts the warning. In manual, […]

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How do wet chemicals extinguish a fire?

In the fire industry, wet chemical fire extinguishers are a relatively new invention. It’s been found that cooking appliances are the single biggest accidental fire source either at home or at the workplace. As a result, the wet chemical has been found to be at the top of the list of the most effective […]

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Why fire safety is important for schools

Most institutions, including schools, overlook the importance of having a fires safety program. However, it’s extremely important that such a program is in place. The only thing stakeholders of schools think about much is the academic excellence of students. While this is also great, the safety of these students needs to be among the very first priorities of each and every school. Observing fire safety at school has the potential of saving lives as well as saving properties of the institution which may otherwise be destroyed in a fire disaster. Here are the major reasons why fire safety should be prioritised in schools: […]

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Different types of fire extinguishers and their uses

Fire is like a close acquaintance that you want to keep at arm’s length. You can use it for cooking, forging metals, producing light and heat, and many others. Fire makes life more comfortable. But, fire is also dangerous if you do not handle it right. Fire extinguishers are the best defence in case of accidental fires. These are the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses: […]

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Top Office Fire Safety Tips to Keep Employees Safe

If you run a business that employs a lot of staff in an office, you need to make fire safety a priority. It is not solely for the benefit of your employees and any visitors to your premises, though this is important, but also because there are legal requirements for business. These requirements and regulations outline that businesses need to carry out proper risk assessments and put practices and measures into place that help to prevent fires from occurring. […]

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Fire Safety in the Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workplace explosions and fires have the highest casualty rate compared to other possible workplace accidents. These explosions and fires are usually caused by faulty electric wirings and improper storage of combustible materials. These can cause burns, deformity and can greatly affect one’s respiratory system after smoke inhalation. […]

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