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When it comes to fire safety in Northampton, we are one company that simply follows all the fire safety regulations and still makes it convenient to stay safe.
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Ever Wondered What The Symbols Mean On A Fire Extinguisher?

Whether at home or work, it’s crucial you have a plan in place to fight a fire. This should mean that you have a fire extinguisher in place to help support you in the event of a blaze. There are many fire extinguisher types, however. If you’re confused by fire extinguisher colours, logos and […]

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How Often Does Emergency Lighting Need to be Tested?

There are many things in life that we create but hope we never have to use. Nuclear bombs, lifeboats or Marmite all fit into that box. Emergency lighting is also one of those things. We need lighting of course, but we don’t want any kind of emergency. That generally means something has gone wrong. So whilst it’s not always prevalent, it absolutely needs to work when the time comes.


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Why Every Business Should Have a Fire Risk Assessment

Why Fire Risk Assessments Are So Important
Fires are something that no one should take lightly. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die or get burns because of fire hazards. Therefore, all businesses should focus regularly on how they approach fire safety. Have you undertaken a fire risk assessment for your business? A commercial fire […]

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Fire Training: Why it’s Important

Have you ever experienced a fire in your place of work? Which steps did everyone take instantly? Was the incident confusing and was everyone trained to handle the fire emergency? Well, whether the fire got put out or not, the main concern is always the safety of people. Fire training is a prime concern for any type of business or individual to ensure safety for everyone in such emergencies.


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10 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Fire Alarm System Installed

Fire alarm systems are among the best solutions for protecting yourself and your family against unwanted hazards or accidents. There are plenty of reasons why we recommend installing such a device in your home, but the most important ten are listed below:


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Know Your Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm detects fire and alerts people about the risk. A fire alarm system has several units for power as well as detection, and warning. The alarms are divided into two main categories namely automatic and manual. In automatic, the system itself detects the presence of fire and starts the warning. In manual, […]

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How do wet chemicals extinguish a fire?

In the fire industry, wet chemical fire extinguishers are a relatively new invention. It’s been found that cooking appliances are the single biggest accidental fire source either at home or at the workplace. As a result, the wet chemical has been found to be at the top of the list of the most effective […]

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Why fire safety is important for schools

Most institutions, including schools, overlook the importance of having a fires safety program. However, it’s extremely important that such a program is in place. The only thing stakeholders of schools think about much is the academic excellence of students. While this is also great, the safety of these students needs to be among the very first priorities of each and every school. Observing fire safety at school has the potential of saving lives as well as saving properties of the institution which may otherwise be destroyed in a fire disaster. Here are the major reasons why fire safety should be prioritised in schools: […]

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Different types of fire extinguishers and their uses

Fire is like a close acquaintance that you want to keep at arm’s length. You can use it for cooking, forging metals, producing light and heat, and many others. Fire makes life more comfortable. But, fire is also dangerous if you do not handle it right. Fire extinguishers are the best defence in case of accidental fires. These are the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses: […]

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Top Office Fire Safety Tips to Keep Employees Safe

If you run a business that employs a lot of staff in an office, you need to make fire safety a priority. It is not solely for the benefit of your employees and any visitors to your premises, though this is important, but also because there are legal requirements for business. These requirements and regulations outline that businesses need to carry out proper risk assessments and put practices and measures into place that help to prevent fires from occurring. […]

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Fire Safety in the Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workplace explosions and fires have the highest casualty rate compared to other possible workplace accidents. These explosions and fires are usually caused by faulty electric wirings and improper storage of combustible materials. These can cause burns, deformity and can greatly affect one’s respiratory system after smoke inhalation. […]

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Why is my fire alarm beeping? 

Fire alarms are a great for homes as they provide fire safety and general protection. They alert us the moment their sensors get even the slighted smoke waft, making it why fire alarms are an absolute necessity to be installed in our homes. Nonetheless, these sensitive home components are also able to create a sense […]

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Fire Fighting Techniques

Fire can arise anywhere, especially in places such as high rise buildings. Every person needs to be able to at least have the basic knowledge of firefighting techniques. This will help in ensuring the fire safety of those who are either living or using these buildings. Sometimes fire breaks out and there’s an accelerant […]

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Actions to Take in the Event of a Fire

Fire is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. The heat and smoke can cause serious damages and grave injuries to one’s health and properties; sometimes even leading to death. […]

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Fire Safety at Home: Beginners Guide

The safest way to deal with fire is to prevent it – which is why fire training is definitely essential. With so little time to think or act at the moment, it’s vital to prepare yourself with fire safety education. Fire won’t start or spread if it does not have three elements – heat, oxygen, and fuel. A key strategy to prevent the fire is to remove one or more of heat, oxygen, and fuel. […]

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The 5 Steps of a Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are essential for any business to operate safely, no matter the size of the premises or business itself. We regularly carry these fire assessments out across the Midlands region but understand that businesses both want to know what we do to assess your property and working methods, but also that some […]

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Fire Alarms vs Smoke Detectors

Fire has turned into a major worry in each home particularly in the kitchen region where accidental fire typically happens. This is one reason why families need to introduce fire alarms in their homes. They feel more secure in light of these annoyingly loud fire alarms. Previously, alarms are just vital in business foundations, […]

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Why fire safety training is important

Everyone knows that fire can cause injuries, loss of property and sometimes result in death. If it manages to engulf the workplace, many employees could be out of work for a long time as repairs take place or lose their jobs as the buildings may not be repaired at all. At the top of the priorities of preventing such a calamity from happening either at home or at the workplace is to make sure everyone has sufficient fire safety training. The skills obtained from this training are useful for quick and efficient response in case of a fire outbreak. It can also help in eliminating fire hazards. On the contrary, lack of proper fire safety training can make even the smallest incident a much more devastating incident. Here are a few reasons why fire safety training is vital: […]

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The history of the fire extinguisher

After the tragic fire in London known as the “Great Fire of London”, the journey of coming up with a solution to deal with dangerous fires was birthed. The people affected rebuilt their houses but resolved to ensure that a means of preventing such a disaster from ever happening again was found. So, the insurance companies came up with mobile fire services. The mobile firemen were in need of a way to extinguish the fires. Richard Newsham, in 1721 took out water engine patent. This engine was meant to help the firemen to deal with incidences of fire if there occurred any. The working of the water engine was by producing pressurized water through a jet which could then extinguish fires. This marked the very first time in history where the idea of the fire extinguisher was used. However, at this time, it was better known as a fire engine and not a fire extinguisher.

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10 fire hazards to look out for this winter

During winter, the amount of time we spend inside the house is generally higher since it is a holiday season. The weather of the time is also a huge discouragement for those of us who would like to stay outdoors. In this way, the chances of causing fires increase substantially, even though we may […]

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