Most institutions, including schools, overlook the importance of having a fires safety program. However, it’s extremely important that such a program is in place. The only thing stakeholders of schools think about much is the academic excellence of students. While this is also great, the safety of these students needs to be among the very first priorities of each and every school. Observing fire safety at school has the potential of saving lives as well as saving properties of the institution which may otherwise be destroyed in a fire disaster. Here are the major reasons why fire safety should be prioritised in schools:
1. To Protect Students, Teachers and other School Workers
This is by far the most obvious and important reason why it’s necessary to ensure there’s a fire safety program in school. The different stakeholders of the school like students, teachers, school workers and even visitors are protected if the school has a plan for dealing with fires. The students, teachers and workers need to be put on a program to ensure that each of them knows what to do in case a fire breaks out. If this is done, each person will be very much aware of the right course of action they can take in the case of a fire. The students, workers and teachers will be able to keep themselves safe as well as keep others safe.
2. To Give People at School the Peace of Mind
In case of a fire outbreak, it’s preferable that people stay as calm as they can to avoid confusion. Without having knowledge of what to do when the fire breaks out, they may begin to panic. When there’s panic, people will lose the ability to know exactly what’s expected of them and begin to scramble for exits of the buildings. When there’s a fire safety plan that the people are aware of, they’ be more confident and reassured that they can stay safe. Therefore, the chances of people and property being taken to safety increase highly.
3. To Abide by the Regulations of the Government
Fire safety isn’t only meant to protect people and property at school, it’s also legally required by the government that schools have fire safety programs. With such a program, the government will be convinced that the school has the resources and the knowledge that’s necessary for dealing with whatever comes when a fire breaks out in the school. As such, the government won’t consider the school as a potential for a fire disaster happening.
4. Makes People More skilled on Fire Safety
In life, the knowledge of fire safety can’t be over-emphasised. The training that different in the school go through under the program is useful, even when they’re not in the school compound. Hence, they’ll know how to respond to fires that occur even if it’s not in the school, thereby protecting people, themselves and even properties that are in such places.
5. Improve the Schools Risks Assessment
All institutions are required by law to regularly conduct fire risk assessments in order to know how safe the institution is. This also helps them to demonstrate to the government that they’re compliant with the legislation.

These are the 5 main reasons why it’s important to have fire safety programs in schools. It’s for the protection of the institution, people and a way of complying with government legislation.