A fire is something that can create huge devastation to people’s homes, businesses and lives. This is why it’s so important to know what to do in the event of a fire. It could go a long way to keeping yourself safe in the situation, as well as those around you. This is where fire training comes into the equation.

Online Fire Training Courses

So you might be wondering how to go about taking part in a fire training course. Well, one very handy method is by going online. This then prevents a way for you to learn your fire training in the comfort of your own home.

One thing to note is that you will find a lot of websites offering such a course. The majority will be completely legit, but as always when online, have some caution. Learn what are legitimate course providers so you don’t get ripped off financially or even taught completely wrong information! Look for courses that are approved. Take some time to do some proper research into nationally recognised and approved official course/exam bodies.

If you’re thinking about prices, the courses don’t have to cost a huge amount of money. Some courses will start at around £12 and make their way up to £30+. Just be aware of what exactly the course is offering. It may make sense to start with basic fire training then work your way up to some more advanced knowledge.

fire extinguisher man showing during trai

Fire Extinguisher Training

Now, your place of work should have its fire extinguishers in a suitable place. But do you and everyone else in your place of work know how to use it? By law, there must be at least one person who has been through an official fire extinguisher training course. But it would make sense if more then one person took a fire extinguisher training course so they too know what to do if the use of a fire extinguisher becomes required. The more people are correctly able to use one the better.

The information learned at a fire extinguisher training course doesn’t just explain how each device operates but also helps to teach how fires start in the first place and how they spread within buildings. You would also be taught skills that will help with the development and implementation of emergency evacuation arrangements.

Fire Marshall Training

Many job roles will provide the opportunity to take on fire Marshall training. Successful completion of this course means you can act as a fire marshall in your chosen place of work or another area of life, a worthwhile role where you will be responsible for helping others keep safe in the event of a fire.

Learning fire safety training is never going to be a waste of time, it can be the difference between getting out of a fire-ravaged area or not. By learning the correct ways to behave during an outbreak of fire, lives and property can be saved.

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