Why Fire Risk Assessments Are So Important

Fires are something that no one should take lightly. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die or get burns because of fire hazards. Therefore, all businesses should focus regularly on how they approach fire safety. Have you undertaken a fire risk assessment for your business? A commercial fire risk assessment could make all the difference between life and death. Carry on reading to see how important fire risk assessments really are:

Better To Be Safe, Than Sorry

Whether you run a busy office or a public building, fire risk assessments save lives. They help to analyse where problems lie in fire preparation. They take away hazards, and make sure your firm is ready to react should the worst possible scenario occur.

A commercial fire risk assessment will ensure that your building, and business, are up to date with regulations. If you’re not, you could end up risking the lives of employees, customers, and yourself. 

It might be easy to think that just because your premises are small, there is next to no chance of fire. Fires are unpredictable. If you think you can predict whether or not fire is likely to consume your business, think again. If you fail to complete a fire risk assessment it could lead to serious penalties.

Fires destroy lives. If something fatal occurs on your premises and you could have stopped it, you will be rightfully held to account. Is this something that either you or your business could cope with? Show your customers, your workforce, and your clients that you care. Undergo regular commercial fire risk assessments and make sure you’re ready to react.

The old saying is true. While firefighters can work tirelessly to put out enormous blazes, it is better to make sure such fires never occur in the first place. Fire only takes seconds to start causing serious harm. Rather than assuming you can easily handle it should it arise, don’t give the fire a chance. Minimise the risk of it ever arising and be sure to set up a preventative strategy.

small fire

Setting Up A Business Fire Risk Assessment

Setting up a business fire risk assessment is quick, easy, and always worth your time. Make sure to set up a risk assessment with an expert team as soon as possible – it could make all the difference.

We hope that this has been helpful and you understand more about the importance of fire risk assessments. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01604 760 600 or alternatively head over to our contact page to fill in our online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.