It’s common knowledge that business owners are responsible for the safety of their employees in the workplace. This includes fire safety – checking the fire alarms, conducting fire drills, and ensuring that your fire extinguishers are working and accessible. 

However, there is a common vandalism problem in public buildings when it comes to fire extinguishers. Their accessibility unfortunately makes them easy targets for vandals or thieves, leaving your business exposed to potential danger.

Although it is illegal to tamper with a fire extinguisher, this doesn’t seem to deter people. There are a few things that you can do to minimise the damages caused to your fire extinguishers and ensure continued safety for the people in your building. 

Positioning of Your Fire Extinguishers

You should always make sure that your fire extinguishers are accessible so that people can grab them in times of need. They need to be placed a certain distance away from each other, and usually near doors to make sure that they are in the best positions to help in the event of a fire. 

But to minimise the risk of damage, you should place them in an area that’s clear of obstructions and any other objects that may help a vandal to cause havoc. Always make sure they have a fire extinguisher sign above them. This will draw attention to the extinguisher, making it more obvious if it is moved. 

Positioning the extinguishers in clear view also reduces the risk of theft. Thieves wouldn’t want to steal an extinguisher in front of other people, so publicly displaying them is a good option. 

fire extinguisher

Protecting your Fire Extinguishers

Another deterrent for criminals would be a cabinet or box which is placed around the extinguishers. It should be able to be removed easily in the event of a fire. But this acts as an extra step that a thief needs to take if they plan on stealing the extinguisher. The extra time required increases the risk that they will be caught, meaning they might be put off. 

Areas of high footfall are also a risk to extinguishers due to accidental damage. If there are a lot of people standing near the extinguisher, they may knock it over by accident. These protective boxes will help to prevent accidental damage. 

Monitor the Areas Using CCTV

Place your extinguishers in clear view of your CCTV. This will prevent purposeful damage or theft as the perpetrators will be aware that their behaviour is captured on a camera. If the worst does happen, you do have the evidence there to present to the police. 

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