As the summer approaches, you will be tempted to light that barbeque and invite family and friends around to enjoy the sun with you. However, they are also a fire safety hazard and the cause of many fires across the UK every year. Whilst we don’t want to prevent BBQ’s at all, proper care should always be given to avoid fire risk.

If you’re looking forward to a day in the sun, it’s important to remember how to dispose of a BBQ correctly and safely.

How Long Should I Allow for My BBQ Coals to Cool? 

If you have a coal BBQ then you need to consider how to dispose of the used coals later as it’s not as simple as just pouring them into the bin. This could cause the bin or other flammable materials to catch fire. 

Before you begin cleaning, one of the most important fire safety tips is to wait until it’s completely cool. Many people attempt to pour water on their BBQ in an attempt to cool it more quickly, although this could cause your BBQ to crack. It may also force the last lit embers to jump up and burn you. Make sure you always let it cool naturally. This may take as long as 8 hours on a particularly hot day. 


Disposing of Your BBQ Safely

Safe disposal of a BBQ means informing all of those near you that it’s still hot. If there are no visible flames, it’s easy for someone to accidentally touch the hot metal without realising. If you have dogs or cats or children outside, they may also be a hazard if they knock into the BBQ so make sure you’re watching it at all times.

Once your coals are completely cold, you can either choose to reuse them, or if they aren’t salvageable, you can throw them out. In some areas, you may have a specific bin for this kind of waste

Fire Safety With Northants Fire 

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