Learning fire safety is an invaluable process that everyone needs to know, be it in the office or at home. It is especially critical that you learn as much as you can about fire risk assessment and training in areas prone to fires. These tips can save your belongings, prevent a fire, and, most importantly, save your life too. Thus, all the more reason to acquaint yourself with all of the fire safety tips and tricks.

In a house fire, it only takes two or three breaths of toxic fumes for you to end up unconscious, after which death soon follows. To avoid such fire accidents from occurring or escalating, we recommend that you follow these simple fire safety precautions. Keep yourself and your family safe. 


  1. Fit a Smoke Alarm

If you’ve ever attended any fire safety training programs, then you should know how a good smoke alarm can help prevent fire tragedies. The process itself is quite simple. You only need to buy a good smoke alarm, place good batteries in it, and everything’s set. It is also good practice to test your alarms every couple of months to ensure that they are still functioning properly. Don’t forget to replace the batteries every few months too. You may not be able to prevent an escalating fire in your home, but you can at least get a heads up and warn your family members and co-workers. 


  1. Check Electrical Appliances

Many fires start from electrical outlets and appliances. Every socket has its limits of which, if you go past, you will be overloading them. Thus, the high chance of them overheating and becoming a fire hazard. Faulty electrics like wiring and appliances can cause fires too. For that reason, it is always best to have experienced professionals to carry out all gas and electrical wiring in your home. Don’t DIY anything involving electricity or gas if you aren’t familiar with them. 


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  1. Invest In Fire Safety Equipment

Better safe than sorry, right? It is always a good idea to have fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers and fire blankets around. However, it doesn’t end there. The next step is to know how to use fire safety equipment. If used inappropriately, then there is a likelihood that the equipment may end up causing injury too. 


  1. Have An Escape Route

Ensure that you always have a fire route that’s easily accessible from all rooms in your home. It is also essential that all your family members know about it to ensure that everyone exits the home in time. As such, you want to keep the exit clear of all obstacles at all times. If the doors are locked, ensure that everyone knows where you keep the keys. 


  1. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Many people die from carbon monoxide poisoning without even knowing that their lives are in danger. This gas doesn’t emit any smell, which makes it even more hazardous. It may be killing you without even knowing it. Thus, the need to always have carbon monoxide detectors fitted in your home and working at all times. 


  1. Keep Matches And Other Electrical Items Away From Kids

If you have kids around, then the best fire safety measure you can take is to keep all fire risk items safe and away from sight when not in use. Cover all the sockets and lock the cupboards. You also need to keep electrical leads from high traffic areas. 


  1. Stay Safe In A Fire

When there is a fire, and you have no escape route, the next best thing to do is to know how to stay safe in the fire. In fire training, you are taught to stay low on the ground and hold a fabric over your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the smoke. Then try to look for an exit route. Also, it is best not to carry anything with you when exiting the fire. Don’t look to save anything but yourself and kids.




If followed to the letter, these fire safety tips should help keep you and your family safe. But above all else, preventing a fire from starting in the first place is the best safety precautions you should take.

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