There’s no place like home. We do our best to protect our properties from burglaries, but do you protect your home from the risk of a fire? Do you have the appropriate safety gear and knowledge to protect both your home and family? 

With technology advancing every day, fire safety equipment has never been easier to buy and  install. There are now hundreds of smoke and fire alarms to choose from, so there is no excuse. Protect your home and family from the risk of a fire with a fire alarm system. 

The primary function of these devices is to protect your place against fire. In this article, we will be shedding light on the significance of fire detecting tools, how they are manufactured, and why it’s essential to use them? 

How do Smoke Detectors Work? 

The fundamental working principle of fire detectors is quite simple. Smoke detectors are placed in a plastic disk and located in many sections of a property, you can find them on the ceiling. Smoke is detected either optically or physically, and smoke detectors can either use one or both methods. All domestic fire alarms are battery-powered, whereas, a commercial fire alarm system is normally wired into the power system and have a backup battery. 

Did you know that installing fire alarms in your home reduces the risk of dying in a home fire by 50%. Why would you take the risk? Install fire alarms today. 

How are Smoke Detectors Manufactured? 

Fire safety equipment is manufactured for residential and commercial units. The formation of fire detectors is a dual step procedure. In the first step, Am-241 is foiled to install it in subsequent reference and sensing compartments. Secondly, all compartments are assembled to make final ICSD. 

The assembly of all chambers, including sensing and reference compartments, is a multi-step process. There are several tests and inspection devices to examine the reliability of the equipment at each step. After that, all chambers are attached to a radioactive source which is sensitive to smoke. 

There are three significant types of smoke detecting devices, i.e. photoelectric, heat sensitive and ionisation devices. You can select any one of them according to your requirement. 

Electrician Holding Smoke Detector

Advantages of Smoke Detectors

Life is the most precious blessing. No one wants to risk his or her life for nothing. Therefore, it is essential to have basic fire training that includes basic techniques to save yourself from a fire accident. Installing a reliable fire device that can detect any fire hazard is essential to both the safety of your family and your belongings. Here are some prominent advantages of installing smoke detecting tools at your place.

Ionisation smoke detecting devices protect your premises against abrupt fire threats. The major fire hazards of this category are grease and oil fire. 

Photoelectric devices protect your home against causes that are quite difficult to detect — for instance, the fire caused by a lit cigarette. Photoelectric detectors are more sensitive to smoke. 

Along with this, there are dual sensors too. These dual sensors are a combination of ionisation and photoelectric detectors that can detect more variety of fire causing elements and are more reliable. 

In a nutshell, smoke detectors are necessary to save your home and your loved ones from fire. You can surely trust these devices to eliminate the risk of fire accidents. If you would like to find more about how we can help you ensure your home is protected from the risk of a fire, get in touch today on 01604 760600 or visit our contact page