If you have the responsibility of taking care of any commercial building, then you must understand the need for fire safety signs. We may already be familiar with the fire exit sign, however, there are numerous other signs that the law demands be displayed appropriately. The importance of fire signs cannot be underestimated. It helps people to escape during an emergency incident. The signs also keep indicating the directions to take until you are in safety.

In case you are in an unfamiliar your environment, these signs are very important in guiding you away from harm. The signage is also important even for those who are familiar with the environment because, in the event of a fire, there is always confusion and disorientation which can impede your escape unless you are guided. The signs are not just for your escape, it guides the emergency services that arrive on the site to navigate the building once you have been evacuated. 


How to Position the Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signage indicates the location of the fire safety exit. It also points to where the firefighting equipment would be. This equipment includes fire extinguishers, fire assembly points and any other relevant accessories. The signs should give clear mandatory instructions for requirements of such places, such as ‘fire door, keep shut’. This is important because such doors are fitted with emergency alarms and should only be accessed during times of emergency.


Installation of such safety signs should be done professionally and by competent personnel. A professional will be someone who is knowledgeable with the rules and regulations governing safety in a building. The layout and risks associated with particular premises should also be considered. When it comes to the signs requirements, fire exits are site-specific. The signs should be clearly visible by the occupants of the buildings, and nothing should obscure these signs because it could be disastrous in times of emergency.


Depending on the architectural design of the building, some signs may be mounted on the wall alongside other wall-mounted signs. Whenever you are installing the fire signs, try to put yourself in the shoes of a visitor who has no idea how to manoeuvre around the building. As mentioned, no display should block the emergency exits because visitors or the general public at your site will have no idea where the nearest exits are.


green sign, fire assembly point


Types of Fire Safety Signs

There are many types of fire safety signs. They vary from adhesive stickers to stiff signs bearing different kinds of instructions. These include the types of fire extinguishers on-site, how to use them and where fire exit directions and the fire call points. In some places, commercial buildings have signs in different languages. This is more so because visitors may be from different countries and therefore need to read and understand without requiring an interpreter.


The panic effect should always be considered. We react on impulse whenever anyone shouts ‘Fire! Fire!’. Our behaviours change suddenly and we are likely to even jump through the window. What if there is a lot of smoke out there and you cannot see? These signs will guide you well. We can never tell when the incident will happen, in fact, it may never happen; but it’s better to be safe than be sorry.


Fire safety signs are part of overall fire protection and contribute to the safety of yourself, your visitors, employees, customers and the entire organisation. Keep all fire exit points clear, and ensure you have the necessary fire safety signs. 
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