When it comes to a fire inside your property, you must be adequately prepared to handle the situation. Improper preparation can lead to someone getting hurt and serious property damage.

Pros of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are available in a range of sizes and are suitable to tackle many different types of fires. Fires start from various sources, such as cooking fat and electrical faults, having the right extinguisher will enable you to fight the fire from a safe distance.

Due to the assorted sizes available, you can ensure that your home or business is equipped with a fire extinguisher that matches your requirements when you need it most. Another pro is that there is a fire extinguisher for many types of fires. You can find an extinguisher for all of the below:

● Flammable liquids (petrol, diesel, spirits, and paint).

● Flammable gases (butane and methane).

● Flammable solids (paper, wood, etc.).

However, don’t attempt to tackle a fire that is too large, or you don’t feel comfortable with. In these situations, ensure everyone is safely out of harm’s way and contact the emergency services.

Cons of Fire Extinguishers

Knowledge and Handling

It may be strange to consider any cons when using a fire extinguisher as they are essential. However, without the proper training, they can be difficult to use and handle correctly. You should also be aware that certain extinguishers cannot be used on every type of fire. An example of the above would be using a water-based fire extinguisher on an electrical fire as this can make the fire escalate.


Another problem is that they are pretty heavy when it comes to larger fire extinguishers. If you are elderly or not used to operating an extinguisher, it may come as a surprise when it comes to lifting one. You will need upper body strength to use one for a considerable amount of time.


If a fire breaks out, you probably aren’t going to be too concerned about the mess a power fire extinguisher causes. However, you should be aware that a fire extinguisher can produce a lot of liquid, and this can sometimes damage property.

Fire Blanket

Pros of Fire Blankets

Protects You from Harm

Using a fire blanket can save your life. Throw the blanket onto the fire to extinguish it. Ultimately, a fire blanket is a versatile tool to not only protect your property from fires, but it can also protect individuals from harm.

Stops Fires at An Early Stage

When it comes to cooking fires, fat fryers, and other cooking appliances can easily become faulty without the proper care. Using a fire blanket on a fire caused by cooking equipment can quickly stop it in its tracks.

Cons Of Fire Blankets 

Only Effective On Small Fires

Fire blankets are only effective when thrown on smaller fires that are contained in a specific area.

Need To Be Close 

One disadvantage of the fire blanket, and a dangerous one, is that it requires you to get up close and personal with the fire. The fire blanket must be correctly applied, and this means getting close to the flames. 

Northants Fire

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