Who Needs Fire Safety Training?

When it comes to reducing the risks in your workplace, having someone who is trained in fire safety is going to make the working environment more secure. Fire training provides you with the necessary experience to potentially save lives and allows you to get your colleagues to safety during an emergency.

Ideally, the more people that undertake fire training, the higher the chances of saving lives are. Whilst it may not be mandatory to undergo fire safety training, if you have the option to take part, it’s recommended to do so. Having the skills and knowledge of how to operate different types of fire extinguishers and escape route planning will allow you to shine as a safety-conscious business. 

When it comes to an emergency, we are all equal and share the responsibility of helping ourselves and others around us. By law, in larger companies, you need to have at least one designated fire safety officer but again, you should consider having more to cover annual leave or sickness. 

If there are multiple teams within your organisation, you should consider at least one fire safety officer per team to maximise your safety if a fire breaks out.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Take a Fire Safety Training Course?

Fire is a destructive element, and it doesn’t have any remorse when it comes to causing damage. A fire can quickly spread across an entire workplace in a matter of minutes and being able to act quickly is essential.

If you have failed your fire safety training course or haven’t taken part, you run the risk of property damage, legal implications, and worst of all, potential deaths at work. Not having a designated fire safety officer can be fatal. Colleagues will look to the fire safety officer for guidance if an emergency occurs and without this, people could get hurt or worse.

Failing to ensure you have the right amount of fire safety officers could also mean you may be heavily fined as an organisation for not legally complying with health and safety laws. However, fines should not be at the top of the concern list, and making sure your colleagues are safe is paramount.

How Do I Take Fire Safety Training?

To keep up to date with the latest fire safety training, the organisation you work for should have an internal course you can take on their online training platform. 

You can also gain access to fully accredited fire safety training courses online. Some courses are verified by The Fire Training Company available by browsing the web. These can be accessed at a moment’s notice and are generally available 24/7.

Using an accredited course online is brilliant for organisations as they will have a certificate that is provided when the course is passed. They will then send a reminder via the platform to remind employees when they need to re-sit the training.

Northants Fire 

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