During the few days of summer heat and sun we get in Britain, it’s great to be able to enjoy the outdoors, maybe with a barbeque, a walk into the countryside, or going camping. While these are all great fun, it’s still important to remain safe, especially if there is fire involved.

Brilliant BBQs

Barbeques are good fun for the whole family; there’s nothing better than a grilled burger and a cold drink in the sun. However, they can be dangerous if not monitored. Here are some great points to consider when organising a BBQ:

  • Keep a bucket of water, sand or garden hose nearby for any emergencies
  • Never leave a barbeque unattended
  • Make sure your barbeque is well away from sheds, fences or plants
  • Don’t drink too much if you are in charge of the grill
  • Wait until the barbeque is cool before attempting to move it
  • Empty any ashes onto bare garden soil, as they can easily melt plastic dustbins or wheelie bins
  • Keep children, pets and any garden games away from the cooking area
  • Use enough charcoal to cover the base of the barbeque, but not more
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to start or revive your barbeque, use only recognised lighters or starter fuels on cold coals
  • If using a gas BBQ, make sure to store cylinders outside, away from direct sunlight or frost
  • Take care when turning bottled gas BBQs on and off
  • Make sure the tap is fully off before changing the gas cylinder
  • After cooking, turn the gas supply off first, then barbeque control, to prevent any leaks

Careful Camping

It’s a brilliant feeling to get back to nature, leaving the rat race and sleeping under the stars. But it’s important to remember basic fire safety when you are out in the wilderness.

  • Ensure caravans and tents are at least six metres apart, and away from parked cars, to reduce the risk of fire spreading
  • Keep a torch handy for emergencies
  • Don’t use petrol or paraffin to light a solid fuel stove
  • Keep flammable liquids outside and away from children
  • If there is a fire, keep calm and get everyone out as quickly as possible
  • Call the Fire & Rescue Service and give the exact location
  • If staying in a tent, never use candles inside or near it
  • Keep cooking appliances away from tent walls
  • Never cook inside a tent
  • Don’t cook near flammable materials
  • Remember stop, drop and roll if there is a fire
  • Never smoke inside a tent
  • If staying in a caravan, make sure to fit and test a fire alarm
  • Take special care when cooking
  • Make sure to turn off all applications when going out or to bed
  • Don’t dry clothes on the stove
  • Remove any litter or rubbish near the caravan to reduce the risk of fire spreading
  • Make sure you ventilate your caravan

Stay safe at home

While these tips are incredibly useful when out and about during summer, it’s important not to forget about fire safety within the home. Plenty of great advice about preventing fires and staying safe at home can be found online, as well as information about fire equipment, services and training, to stay safe both at home and the workplace.