We all enjoy fireworks nights as a family or as groups. Some people even love doing it individually. Whatever the case, when having fireworks nights, we must give top priority to take fire safety precautions. We should ensure that our families, friends, pets, houses, ourselves and neighbours are not in danger as a result of our celebrations and fireworks. For when you are at home or work the professional training is required but when you are out enjoying yourselves this year then the following tips are helpful in ensuring safety during fireworks nights:

• Light Fireworks sparklers at safe distances

When lighting fireworks, the distance from anything that can catch fire should be at least 18 meters. This is the distance from the lighting point to structures, trees, shrubs, sheds, hedges, and fences. This will ensure that a disaster does not result due to some technicalities when lighting the sparklers.

• Buy fireworks from reputable sellers

The fireworks you use must meet certain set standards. Therefore, to avoid buying fireworks that do not conform to the expected standards, only buy them from shops that have a reputation. Not the ones that crop up during the fireworks nights and fade when the nights are over.

• Only a single person should be in charge at a time

Just one person should be charged with the responsibility of lighting fireworks at any time. He/she must also take the necessary precautions and prepare adequately for the explosion of the firework.

• Avoid using flammable liquids

Some people may feel the temptation to use petrol or paraffin in igniting the fireworks. This is very dangerous owing to the fact that these liquids may cause an uncontrollable fire to erupt, posing a lot of danger to people.

• Children should be kept away from the fire

Children are not capable of reacting appropriately in case of a fire. If it finds them close, they are at a higher risk of getting caught in the fire. Hence, only allow them to watch the fireworks at a safe distance.

• Avoid alcohol at all costs when in charge of lighting

When drunk, you may not be stable enough to safely light up fireworks. If you are to be in charge, make sure that you avoid drinking so that when the moment comes, you do not risk your life and other people’s due to being a little tipsy.

• Do not build huge fireworks which may be unmanageable

For safety, the fireworks should be kept small enough to be put out in case of an emergency. Huge fires may be difficult to deal with, especially if they catch any structures. Therefore, keep the fireworks small and manageable.

• Take emergency precautions

To deal with any emergencies, you should have equipment that can help close to you. Fire extinguishers, buckets of water, sand or the garden hose should be kept near the place of fireworks and ready.

• Light safely and then keep a distance

When lighting, you should keep the fireworks at an arm’s length. This can be done using a fuse wick and taper. After lighting, do not go back to the fireworks.

• Keep the fireworks properly and only use one at a time

It is advisable to have the fireworks in a closed box. This prevents the possibility of lighting more than one unawares. So, once you have one out of the box, seal the rest in the box before you start the process of lighting it up.
If observed closely, these tips can be very helpful in ensuring fire safety during fireworks nights. The age limit for anyone to be allowed to buy fireworks is 18. Anyone under this age should therefore not buy it as a safety precaution.