During winter, the amount of time we spend inside the house is generally higher since it is a holiday season. The weather of the time is also a huge discouragement for those of us who would like to stay outdoors. In this way, the chances of causing fires increase substantially, even though we may be oblivious to this possibility. The best way to keep yourself & your family safe this Christmas is by ensuring your fire alarm is working perfectly. The following are the 10 most common fire hazards that each of us should look out for and how we can avoid them.

1. Dry Christmas trees
The holiday trees are a big risk of fires when they dry up. If you do not water the trees sufficiently, there won’t be a way to prevent them from drying. And when dry, they easily catch fires. Apart from watering, you can use a live tree which you will then return to the garden when the celebrations are all over. You should also ensure that the extension cords are not damaged. Neither should they be overloaded.

2. Furnace that is poorly maintained
If the blades of the furnace are loose and hanging, they can cause sparks inside the furnace if the strike against the walls of the fan unit which are metallic. It is, therefore, a good practice to check the furnace regularly and also clean it.
Candle flame

3. Real candles
If you are using real candles to get ambience, ensure you take enough care to avoid causing a fire. Children should not be allowed to handle the real candles. You should make it a practice that when you light them, they are attended to at all times. An alternative is to use electric candles which are safer than the real ones.

4. Kitchen Fires
Did you know that grease may cause a fire in your kitchen? Well, it could if enough care is not taken. The measure to take is to have a properly working extinguisher in the kitchen and keep it filled.
kitchen fires

5. Electric sockets that are overloaded
It is not advisable to plug in so many electric items in a single socket. This is a risk that could cause fire hazards. A heavy-duty electrical power strip should be used instead of the socket.

6. Leaks of the natural gas
During winter, there is a considerable drop in temperature. This may have an adverse effect on the gas pipes in the form of contractions and expansions. Hence, the connections of the gas pipes could leak. Ensure that there are no leaks in the joints by checking them out and tightening.

7. Smoke detectors
A faulty smoke detector can miss detecting the presence of smoke in a room. It is, therefore, a good practice to ensure they are working properly. If the batteries are old, replace them with new ones.

8. Space heaters, appliance for burning pellets and wood
Ensure that the power cable of your space heater is not damaged and do not plug into the wrong socket. Any object that can catch fire should be kept far from pellet-burning appliances and wood used in fireplaces.
match lighting up

9. Smoking inside the house
Some smokers will start smoking right inside the houses during this cold season. Make sure that you extinguish completely your smoking materials. Matches and lighters should not be left at the reach of children either.

10. Fire escape routes
In the case where the fire is already burning and you are not able to put it out, you can look for a fire exit route. As such it is rudimentary that you have an escape route in the house.